A Lack of Words and an Extended States Vacation…

I am feeling a little out of my island comfort zone, absent from the present moment and stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts which are clearly affecting my creativity. I am in a funk! Writing is my outlet and one of my passions and I am trying to control my life versus living it and manifesting the best that is and is yet to come. Woo! I feel better already! There ya have it… Now for my take on the so-called American Dream…

Our family has had an extended stay in the states and American culture shock is real! We are very used to the slow life where there is rarely any overstimulation and driving 35mph is our max speed in the Jeep. Shoes are always optional in our paradise-land and traffic consists of cows, goats and Cigarette boats in the road. Continue reading “A Lack of Words and an Extended States Vacation…”

Mermaid Crossing’s Guided Meditations: YouTube!


Island Life+Guided Meditations have begun on Mermaid Crossing’s new YouTube Channel! I am so excited to offer peace and serenity into your day with meditations focusing on how to bring more positivity and awareness into your life while also giving glimpses into what its like to live in paradise.

I began meditating years ago and throughout life ups and downs I’ve realize how important it is to take just a couple minutes a day to turn our focus inward. Whenever I am in a situation where I feel I can’t seem to find a ladder out or the path of least resistance I make myself stop to calm the thoughts and feelings entering my body. Meditation allows what is real and true to seep through to our awareness as the chaos of life around us is paused for a couple moments.

I will also be uploading videos of what it is like to shift careers (if you aren’t already a yachtie, sailor, captain or pilot) and earn a living by creating memorable vacations for others while living in vacationland. I continue to hear on a weekly basis how our life in paradise is a wonderful “retirement goal” and one of my hopes is to inspire others to break out of the mold that society has formed and move your family to paradise…before retirement!


Day 5: Gratuity Lists and Manifesting Prosperity

Goodness! Am I feeling a burst of energy flow through me that is actually unfamiliar and seemingly new! I could describe it as anxiety but that would hint that it is a negative vibe, and this one seems very positive. I am sitting here relaxing before heading to the beach to take pictures and hopefully more video and realized that something is different and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it until now. I thought maybe it was the coffee I drank this morning or the eggs and toast that I always eat but no, this is different. Continue reading “Day 5: Gratuity Lists and Manifesting Prosperity”

A Change from Within ♥

Acceptance is the key to a happy life but today I question what that means. I am looking to change and I have been blessed by being able to follow this path laid for me and waking up almost everyday to paradise in the British Virgin Islands but why do I feel empty? Where does this emotion come from that I am uncomfortably hanging onto? What kind of change am I looking for exactly? Continue reading “A Change from Within ♥”

Mom’s Guide to a Sober Life Abroad

First of all… sobriety is WAY more than just not taking that first drink. Sobriety is a way of life, a mindset, a connection to a Higher Power whom I choose to call God and the best gift anyone could give themselves and their family. Living down island may seem out of the question to someone willing to make the change to live a sober life but it is possible and actually easier than one may think!

I was anxious to take the leap of faith by following my path to Tortola but because I had made the decision to live a life of sobriety and raise my family as a sober mama I knew that resources to help maintain my sobriety would magically appear. The first blessing I came upon after stepping off the plane and heading to the closest beach bar to meet new friends was the BLENDER. That thing is great life saver! Every beach bar I know of has a blender and every bartender can make a killer Virgin Pina Colada. Bartenders are used to making virgin drinks and who would really guess that my virgin Pina Colada isn’t full of rum? Soda water with a splash of cranberry with a lime is also a great low calorie alternative. Continue reading “Mom’s Guide to a Sober Life Abroad”

Boat Wants and Needs…Just Get it Out There to the Universe!

Writing out my wants and needs with anything in life seems to always open the door to the possibility that my dreams can really come true… no matter how big or small. I wrote about this in my previous post, Journal Your Way to Paradise and decided to post about my wants and needs regarding a boat. I encourage you to set aside just a couple minutes and write down some wants and needs of your own. If you want to make it more of a fun project cut out magazine pictures that encourage you to reach your goals. Tape your list or collage to your mirror and you’ll be amazed at how easily Life tosses all the good there is to offer right in your lap!

Continue reading “Boat Wants and Needs…Just Get it Out There to the Universe!”

Island Friendship and the Gift of Honesty

Today was a day where I woke up and asked God (Buddha, Higher Power, the Universe) for some miracle. Something. Just a reminder that He (she, it, them) is really there. Island life is wonderful and calm but lately I have felt emotionally overwhelmed and been living in the future instead of the present. I have had more lonely moments than usual and I really needed someone to connect to on a deeper level… someone with a unique spirit that I could connect to outside of my close island friends. As usual, after that kind of prayer I am still amazed at how my voice is still heard.

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Journal Your Way to Paradise!

Do you wake up every morning to the sound of your alarm clock, the coffee maker, channel 4 telling you the high is in the lower 40’s, that theres a wreck on I65 that will probably never clear? The “American Dream” huh? Or is it really just the daily grind that we get sucked into because focusing on spring break vacations, that evening drink and early retirement seem to be the only way out of reality (or social media…)?
Our family is asked weekly by visitors why we chose to venture to Tortola and how we did it followed by “oh wow, we should do this AFTER we retire!”… Hmm… The last thing I want to do is attempt to pack up my entire house and figure out how to live in another country when I’m 65. And then what? Sure, you can save money, have crew to help with the boat and hire a captain to plan your adventure but that’s not the kind of life our family is looking for.

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Island Power Outages and Waterless Days…

Weather in the Virgin Islands is normally perfect in the winter… blue skies, fair winds from the East, 75-85 degrees of comfortable beach afternoons, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets… You’d assume when the weather changes and dark skies come that the power goes out but NOPE. Not here. Our power goes out randomly on a hot and sunny day completely out of the blue! But when your entire island is powered by giant generators for over 20,000 people should we really be surprised?

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Flying with a Toddler and my favorite Toddler Apps!

Sailor is very used to flying so its not a new and exciting experience anymore… Bummer! Why can’t it be exciting and why can’t the view of the Bahamas take his breath away and the engine noise make him nap for 3 hours?? Oh, because he’s spoiled and flies right seat in a private plane regularly. Thats why. He even walks past the major airline pilots in his airplane onsie who are inviting him to sit in the cockpit before we take off with no interest whatsoever.

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